A New Transformative Learning Book is Emerging cocoon

“Transformative Learning in the 21st Century; Re-visioning Education around the Earth” is emerging! It builds on Ed O’Sullivan’s original scholarly 1999 text to provide a more collaborative and practice-rooted resource. Ed writes new chapters that build on integral transformative learning as it has developed over twenty years of the work through TLC, beginning with “From Empire to One Earth Community” and “Expanding the Boundaries of Transformative Learning”. This volume considers transformative learning as a form of collective wisdom which honours diversity.

As part of this initiative, more than 20 TLC collaborators contribute pieces exploring their practices, philosophies and current projects. These collaborators include Madhu Suri Prakash, Leonardo Boff, Blake Poland, Lewis Williams and¬†Four Arrows¬†among others considered some of the planet’s foremost practioners in transformative education. Eimear O’Neill and Mark Hathaway are co-editors as well as contributors.

The book expands the original foreword by Tom Berry and includes an afterword by Vandana Shiva. It will be published by Zed Books in late 2016. Please visit zedbooks.co.uk/node/326 for a list of local distributors.

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