Universe, Universe spirit matters

Universe Universe, The Awe and Reverence Tour, is a participatory multidisciplinary mobile story-telling lodge that weaves the modern scientific cosmological 14 billion year history of the universe with indigenous knowledge and ways of being from around the world. How we envision our participation in shaping our own planetary and cultural history, shapes our future. The show is built and mounted through an intergenerational collective creative process. By exploring the Universe story through art making, storytelling, play, celebration, and co-creation we begin to recover who we are far beyond consumers. We can reconcile parts of ourselves, our communities and the rifts between peoples. As Brian Swimme says in his book, The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos, “ The human is the space created in the universe process for hearing and celebrating the stories of the universe that fill the universe.”

First co-created by more than 200 participants at the TLC 20th anniversary celebration in November 2013 and directed by Hazel Bell-Koski, Eimear O’Neill and the Wildflower Collective, Universe Universe, is a lodge of Earth celebration. In our lodge everyone and every being has a seat. Everyone is in. We gather in our lodge to vision, imagine, dance and sing the new earth into creation. As Joanna Macy would say, it is time to start acting our age. We are 14 billion years in the making. And we grow out of this wildly creative universe. This is our nature. Let’s celebrate and co-create with each other and with the universe!

Eimear and Hazel are now developing a mobile lodge and core production company available to visit your place and gather your stories, ancestral and contemporary. Contact hazelbellkoski@gmail.com to invite us to visit your community.

Here’s a taste of what is coming to your way. ….

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