Rekindling Indigenous SpiritĀ aroundtheworld

Rekindling Indigenous Spirit is a series of journeys in sacred places central to decolonising our relationship to our shared Earth home. The first one, in 2008, was around Ireland’s pre-colonial sites. Ireland is the place where systemic processes of colonization of one peoples by another were first honed and first resisted. The next journey will be in 2016 again to Ireland. A future one is planned to Uganda close to where our shared ancestors followed Africa’s rivers northwards. The Ireland journey is themed “Healing Ancestral Wounds” and will have a focus on creative intergenerational initiatives such as the Universe Universe Awe and Reverence Tour. The Uganda gathering at the Source of the Nile is Mulembe Mutinzi, marking the era of transformation out of dominant western frameworks and into Afrikan spirituality and indigenous knowledges.

Want to learn more?

Please contact Eimear by email if you are interested in Ireland,
and Paulo Wangoola for Uganda.

For more information on Rekindling, and to experience some of the journey through pictures, please visit Eimear O'Neill's webpage.