Spirit Matters guy in wave

We are Spirit living human human lives, not humans living spiritual lives.

Our ancestors, those original families gathered around the hearth together, understood the interconnectedness with all of life as an expression of Spirit. Spirit matters in integral transformative learning. Deep transformation in consciousness around our human-Earth relationships and our ways of being with each other is more than intellectual. We are interconnected in the web of life in embodied and profoundly relational ways. What we do affects each other and everyone matters. No one person or peoples matters more than another in that larger flow of webbed evolving life. The sense that, inclusive of and beyond human religions, Spirit matters has been core to all our gatherings since 2004 when wisdom leaders from diverse traditions met to speak to the Great Work of renewing human-Earth relationships. They are part of our work. Local indigenous leaders not only open and close our circles and gatherings ceremonially, they are participant in our celebrations, actions and discussions. Our gatherings are often round a central hearth, with meaningful symbols from all present there. Quiet places for smudging, meditation, forming community altars and being with Spirit in many ways, are part of those events. Our shared sense that Spirit matters has been core in developing a warm and welcoming community of consciousness.