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Peace processes are more than the cessation of active conflict between groups. Community-based peace building recognises that historic and emergent differences within communities need to be honoured, addressed and eventually celebrated as part of Earth’s diversity. InterChange (IC), affiliated with the TLC for the last 10 years, is a growing, united, and diverse group of community-based peacebuilders around the world who share knowledge, collaborate on educational and research projects, and support one another with the aim of nurturing and developing dynamic, durable and positive peace. IC sees peacebuilding involving a multiplicity of actors and activities based at the level of the individual, the family, the group, the neighbourhood and the community. In the context of community-based peace building, IC recognises that the input of the beneficiaries is as important as that of the “experts”, and that the beneficiaries are, in fact, experts from whom we can learn.  IC believes in community-based peace building as a long-term process in which the input from a wide variety of fields is required, including many that are not traditionally included in peace building. IC offers training, workshops, and is linked to projects in Nigeria, Croatia, Uganda, and Kenya. IC also has links with groups in Rwanda and South Africa. For more information about InterChange, please visit or contact Susana Ochi at