Cultivating Ecological Wisdom unfurled flower

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Ecological wisdom is rooted in a lived experience of the interconnection and intrinsic value and sacredness of all life. It consists of the diverse modalities of perception and consciousness – together with the knowledge, skills, and emotional intelligence – that enable humans to listen to and learn from Earth’s wisdom as well as to discern and embody actions that:

  • respect and protect the diversity of life;
  • enable us to “live well” in harmony with each other and other species;
  • move toward ever greater justice and equity;
  • protect the well-being of future generations; and
  • recover a sense of the sacredness of life and meaning beyond the quest for acquisition and consumption.

Transformative learning, as practiced through the TLC, is a path to ecological wisdom, breaking down assumptions and helping us come back to life, back into fullness of relationship with spirit, ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

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