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The oneness, webbing and communion of all life, the importance of diversity and of honouring the depth of every being’s subjectivity, informs TLC participants and their work.

The vision for the 21st century Ed O’Sullivan brought forward in his 1999 book “Transformative Learning” did several things:

  • Gave a respected planetary and cosmological context to transformative learning
  • Made spirituality pertinent to human social movements and evolutionary development
  • Honoured diversities of knowledge in terms of peoples, and in terms of women’s knowledge, indigenous knowledges and art as knowing
  • Honoured the natural and more-than-human world as all our relations and our teachers, echoing indigenous worldviews

That vision has become collaborative and co-creating. Our upcoming 2015 publication “Transformative Learning in the 21st Century: Revisioning Education around Planet Earth” has over 20 contributors and two co-editors. Universe, Universe – our multimedia mobile story-telling lodge – has attracted collaborators across Canada and invites from several countries. The work and practices developed through the TLC and its growing community embody the vision.


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