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The Transformative Learning Centre
 (TLC) has a 20 year history of building conscious community. Seeded in the work of Ed O’Sullivan at University of Toronto, it has become a planet-wide dynamic network of transformative educators, activists and artists. Spirit mattersCommunity mattersSharing our stories creatively in circle, mattersCelebrating the emergence together of a new story matters.

The TLC’s origins echo its path within the University of Toronto’s graduate school of Education, OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education). Edmund O’Sullivan and the late Madan Handa, aware of the need for more diversity of perspectives, informally started the Centre in the late eighties. In 1993, Ed and Budd Hall formalized the Transformative Learning Centre. When Eimear O’Neill and a diverse group of folks interested in indigenous knowledges, creativity in social transformation and systemic change joined, it became much more than academic.Since then, it has engaged local communities and communities elsewhere. Projects inspired and supported by its work are in many countries including those in Africa, South America, India, Ireland, England, Australia, the Azores, the US and across Canada.

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