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The Transformative Learning Centre (TLC) exists beyond a place; it lives as a space held in each of the thousands of elders, wisdom keepers, graduate students, educators, community members, artists and gathering participants who have flowed through it over the last twenty years.

Transformation is, like the deliquescence of the caterpillar within the pupae, a breakdown of previous structures so that a whole new, more inclusive form can, like the butterfly, emerge. Imaginal cells, those creative self-unfolding elements in the pupae, do not fight with the more aggressive “caterpillar” cells. They peacefully unfold in the temporary safety from which they will emerge and take flight.

Learning is the process of ever evolving consciousness that has led human beings to this time in our world. It is a time of rapidly developing collective wisdom alongside the immense burden of a collective folly that threatens our Earth habitat. It is a process rooted in indigenous and ecological wisdom, a wisdom that calls our species back to the cosmos from which we emerged. Now is the time to begin this learning, to gather our collective wisdom in participatory ways that counter centuries of hegemony and oppression, to build peace in our diverse communities and seed new systems of education, governance and daily ecological living.

Centre is a multi-layered dynamic point of understanding that begins with the self and reaches out into communities, peoples and places around our planet through TLC members. The TLC at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) provided a temporary space for transformation. Now each of us can share the integral transformative wisdom and practices learnt there with our communities and peoples. Like dandelion seeds, butterflies and sparks of peaceful imaginative co-existence, we have watched these spread widely. Some will land and take root, creating their own centres, which in turn will generate new seeds to scatter.

TLC is also “tender loving care”. In indigenous languages, the word for our land or territory implies responsibility for care rather than ownership. Whether it is one’s body, soil, waters, community or peoples, we are responsible for providing loving care. The grounded hope in our interconnectedness over 14 billion years of evolution and into the future, calls for us now to “act our age”. TLC through this website hub, seeks to provide connections between people, projects, practices and publications that inspire you to move forward creatively with others.

Collaborating for deep change calls for deep transformative processes and practices. These are rooted in respect for each other, for human history locally and for our human capacities to move towards wholeness when we are  offered a safe enough creative space to do so. TLC members help create such spaces and gatherings. Check out the People in our community. See if their projects might weave with yours. Contact TLC members whose work intrigues you and catch up on ways of working together and weaving

Read more about our History, Vision, and our 20th Anniversary Celebration. Learn about our core educational themes, Cultivating Earth SustainabilityIndigenous KnowledgesParticipatory DemocracyPeace EducationSpirit Matters and Transformative Learning.

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