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Transformative Learning Centre

The Transformative Learning Centre and Community (TLC) is a virtual and
multi-sited hub for change-makers, educators and cultural creatives.
The TLC community integrates movements, knowledges and practices in
initiatives for personal and collective change.

  • Our Community

    The TLC is defined by our community. We are made of the complex, intricate web of people who have touched or been touched by our centre. And we want to spin the web further. Our Community page will help you connect to amazing transformational projects happening all around the world, and the incredible people involved with them. 
  • Events

    From Spirit Matters Gatherings to sharing circles to speaker series – there is always something interesting going on in the TLC community. Check out our events page to find out what’s coming up or email us to add something to the calender.  
Looking to learn more or want to get involved with the TLC?




Artwork Credit: Weijia Feng (TLC graphic) and Hazel Bell Koski (bottom graphic design)
Website Credit: Alanna Fennell, Rebecca Melville and Eimear O’Neill